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Hello there!
I am Habiba Elgendy, a graphic designer, visual communicator, and creative strategist.

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Design Services

︎ Branding

Your visual identity is the true representation of who you are, and how people perceive your brand. it can drive new business and increase brand awareness in positive and memorable ways. Let me help you create a visual brand with powerful impact so you identify yourself in the market.
︎ Creative Strategy

Support your business' growth by strategically planning your future. Emphasizing your story, assessing your goals, understanding your audience, setting the tone for your brand, and planning your content are all crucial parts of this creative approach and process towards success.
︎ Web Design

Need help with conceptualizing, arranging, and displaying your online content or simply improving your website’s user experience? Let me make sure your website truly represents you and/or your business while providing a seamless  interactive and responsive experience for your customers. 
︎ Print Design

Introduce yourself and your services while expanding your circle of business partners and potential clients through designed stationery, posters, brochures, flyers, billboards, banners, menus, or other marketing collatorals specificly created for your needs and customer profile.

︎ Editorial/Layout

Does your special project involve a book, newspaper, magazine, online publication, or other layout-based materials that need design help? You’re in the right place!
︎ Illustration

Keep creative expression at the forefront of your business, and use illustrations to complement your branding, communicate  messages, or to showcase what you’re really about.
︎ Social Media

Think big-picture about your social media goals and digital marketing strategy by investing in customized social media posts and strategically designed materials.
︎ Packaging Design

Present your products and business in innovative, attractive, and functional packaging designs that are tailored towards your goals and needs.

Non-Profit: Are you a non-profit that needs graphic design help but not sure where to start?
Contact me for a free consultation, special prices, or possible pro-bono work!

Need a combination of services or special deliverables? Contact me for custom packages and services. 

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