“I am a Product” Poster Design

Result of BAP Workshop - 2016

This poster is a product of an intensive 2 day poster design workshop hosted by the iconic Professor Bernard Stein at the Contemporary Image Collective (CIC), Cairo, Egypt and organized by 100 Best Arabic Posters collective.

The workshop was structured in an information build up of both theoretical and practical strategy covering different cultural, social, technical and conceptual aspect of poster design and resulted in 40 poster design creations by local designers and a collective exhibition.

“I am a body built of molecules. I am a product of elements that shape my existence. I am not what you see nor what you know. ”
The poster aims to illustrate the human body as alot more than an obvious physical appearance. We are products of tiny molecules, thoughts, and ideas that tend to be unseen but really shape who we are as human beings.

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